Galveston ranks among top snowbird retirement destinations in the U.S.

Galveston has emerged as a prime retirement destination, particularly for "snowbirds" seeking a well-rounded lifestyle split between two distinct seasons.

Known as "snowbirds," they're retirees who avoid winter chill by migrating south for warmer temperatures and returning north in summer. Traveling between two homes, ensuring year-round comfort.

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A study by  asked 3,000 retirees hypothetically what their ultimate retirement destination combinations would be.

Galveston ranked 12th in the survey of ideal retirement routes in the U.S. as a route with Allentown, Pennsylvania.


The coastal city offers many attractions for retirees looking to escape Allentown's northern winters.

According to the survey, Galveston provides a range of amenities and medical facilities, ensuring retirees can enjoy a comfortable and carefree winter experience.

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But Galveston isn't the only Texas city making the list of top retirement destinations. The Lone Star State offers a variety of options for retirees seeking a change of scenery and climate.

Here are some other Texas destinations from the survey:

  • Dallas
  • Corpus Christi
  • Houston
  • McAllen
  • Austin
  • Plano
  • San Antonio
  • Waco
  • Brownsville
  • Fort Worth

Whether it's the rich history of San Antonio, the beachside bliss of Corpus Christi, or the cultural allure of Dallas, the survey revealed that Texas is an ideal place for retirees looking for a change of scenery.