Gallery Furniture shopping spree for 34 Harvey-affected families

Can you imagine if someone granted you a furniture shopping spree? One woman no longer has to imagine, as the Houston greater community comes together to help Hurricane Harvey victims who are still picking up the pieces.

How many times has someone unleashed you in a furniture store and told you to grab anything you want at no cost? Maybe that's why it's so fun to watch when it happens for someone else. 

“It's a dream," says Mavis Brooks-Henderson with a smile. "I still haven't woken up.” She is going home with thousands of dollars worth of free furniture.   

”Ooh, I just thank God,” adds Brooks-Henderson. She was hit hard in Harvey. In fact, she's still rebuilding her home. 

“My house has been there since 1946," describes Brooks-Henderson. "I was born and raised in my house.” 

After a year of devastation, Brooks-Henderson was left speechless when she learned she was going to be allowed to take part in a shopping spree at Gallery Furniture. 

“It…just…it…it’s just a blessing,” explains Henderson as she covered her face and choked back tears.

Gallery Furniture owner and philanthopist Jim McIngvale, in a joint effort with United Way of Greater Houston, presented 34 families from the Kashmere Gardens district, who lost almost everything in Harvey, with nearly $15,000 in free furniture.

"The living room and the bedroom set that was the biggest thing I needed," says Brooks-Henderson with a giggle. 

The disabled U.S. Army veteran and retired registered nurse says she can't begin to express her gratitude. 

“My heart is just truly thankful to them," says Brooks-Henderson. "It really is a blessing.” What's her message to someone who needs a bit of hope because they're in a dark spot? 

”Have faith," says Brooks-Henderson with a smile. "Read Romans 10 and 9 and I know if he did it for me, he'll do it for anybody because God is real.”                          

In just a few hours, all of her amazing furniture will be delivered and she'll enjoy it in the comfort of her own home.