Funeral home flop

It's one of those things you can't believe you're looking at when you see it -- a covered body strapped to a gurney on the side of the road at Greenbriar and Old Spanish Trail Road.

We've learned the deceased person was being transported from the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office to Carnes Funeral Home by Carnes when the body fell out the back of a moving transport.

Brigitte Fields Abbs and her daughter stumbled on the body and called 911.

So how did it happen?

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences released this statement saying:

On Friday...the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences released custody of a decedent to Carnes Funeral Home...The Carnes vehicle left the premises of the Institute was reported to our office by an off-duty HISD police officer that a decedent, still intact on a stretcher, was discovered in the roadway...Our staff arrived at the location at 4:05 p.m. The decedent was checked back into our morgue...Carnes Funeral Home was immediately notified by our office and the decedent was released back into their custody on that same day...The Houston Police Department was also notified and investigated the incident.

Tim Baker, the executive director for Carnes Funeral Home said, "It appears a door was not properly secured and it allowed the decedent to come out...It's been thoroughly reviewed and still under internal investigation by us to insure this doesn't happen again."

On the Factor by phone is Brigitte Fields Abbs who found the body on the side of the road.