Frustration grows one month after Uvalde mass shooting at Robb Elementary School

After nearly a month, pain and frustration in Uvalde seems to be growing with every news update.

On Thursday, a joint committee of Texas lawmakers in Austin listened to witnesses and relatives of those killed.

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"I’m here begging for you guys to do something," Jazmin Cazares said.

Jazmin’s younger sister, Jacklyn, is one of the 19 children and two teachers shot and killed on May 24 at Robb Elementary School.

"We’re still in shock," said Cazares. "Especially, as we learn new information that shows a lot of things that happened that day could have been prevented."

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New details from the investigation reveal a disturbing timeline of events. According to reports, the gunman walked into the school through an unlocked back door carrying an AR-15. Within three minutes, police are seen on surveillance video inside the elementary school armed with rifles, a shield, and bulletproof vests. 

It was initially reported the gunman had locked himself inside a classroom to carry out the attack. However, new reports suggest the classroom door was unlocked the entire time, but police never tried to open it. After nearly an hour and 15 minutes, authorities entered and killed the gunman.

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"There’s compelling evidence that the law enforcement response to the attack at Robb Elementary was an abject failure," said Steve McCraw, Director of Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

On Thursday, FOX 26 spoke with PJ Talavera over Zoom. Talavera lives in Uvalde and is a martial arts teacher/after school instructor at Robb Elementary.

"We’re kind of just picking up the pieces and trying not to get too mad," said Talavera. "There’s a lot of anger. A lot of frustration over the local powers to be. It has been very difficult. It has also been a very loving and eye-opening [time]. There is a lot of love here. That has helped a lot."


Texas Governor Greg Abbott is ordering a safety review of every public school in the state. This as families, and a community, honor those killed while also pushing for change.

"Change something," said Cazares. "Because the people who were supposed to keep [my sister] safe at school didn’t. They failed."