Houston offers free prep classes for high-paying construction apprenticeships

A paid apprenticeship program in skilled trades and construction is recruiting candidates for its free prep class.  The program prepares candidates for apprenticeships and high-paying jobs, which don't require a college education.

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the construction industry will have 646,100 job openings every year in the U.S. through the year 2032.  And the industry is struggling to find enough trained workers to fill them all.

That’s why the Houston Gulf Coast Building and Construction Trades Council is again recruiting for its free course that prepares men and women for paid apprenticeships in 13 skilled trades.

The Apprenticeship Readiness Program Multi-Craft Core Curriculum prepares students to learn trades such as construction, electrical, plumbing, and pipe fitting.

These are five-year apprenticeships with wages starting between $15 and $25 an hour, increasing up to $45, plus health insurance and a pension plan.

Graduates say the class helped prepare them for their new career.


"The refresher on the math, learning about the different trades, learning about the labor union and the history of unions.  Got a lot of great experience with just life, on how to deal with co-workers," said Clint, who is now working as an apprentice.

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"I’ve had some history in the construction field. However, walking into the class and seeing there were other women there was inspiring," said Sandra.

They're taking applications now for the September program.

For more information, candidates can call (832) 429-1944 or go to Arpmc3.com.