FOX 26/My20 launches Classes at Home initiative

Fox 26 and My20 are your stations for education. Since your kids can’t go to school right now, we’re bringing school to them.  

During this unprecedented Pandemic, every day at 11:00 a.m. you’ll want to make sure your kids is tuned in to My20 for a truly innovative initiative.  

Fox 26 and My20 kicked off “Classes At Home”, specifically for Houston area children because school buildings may be closed but young brains are still open for business and ready to learn.

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Fox 26 and My20 just teamed up with area school districts to put on "Classes at Home" as COVID19 keeps kids from going to school.  "In this time of a desperate situation it calls for decisions that are atypical,” explains Fox 26/My20 President and General Manager D’artagnan Bebel who came up with the one-hour educational segment with the help of my former colleague and forever friend Melinda Spaulding.

"It was a no brainer.  It was a great thought that Melinda had and as she said it and all of a sudden my brain started spinning out of control,” smiles Bebel.  

Classes at Home helps Houston area districts reach all students, even the ones without the latest technology.  "A lot of those kids don’t necessarily have access to an iPad or a laptop or in some cases not even have internet access at home,” Bebel explains.

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Kids don’t even need cable to watch Classes at Home, which airs Monday through Friday at 11:00 a.m. on My20. "We're using HISD at Home to provide instructional lessons and continue the education of our students in a new way,” HISD Chief Academic Officer Yolanda Rodriguez says with a smile.

"We’re not looking for Hollywood productions. We’re just looking for effective instruction however they can deliver it,” adds Bebel.  
Perhaps your child’s educator will be one of the featured teachers taking his or her classroom onto the TV screen and into your home.

"To see my own grandchild on the monitor with his teacher and his face just lit up like it was mom. That’s a second mom for the little ones or second dad,” smiles Rodriguez. 

Every day a different district will host Classes At Home. Monday is HISD’s day. On Tuesdays, it’s Aldine ISD. Stay tuned for the complete weekly list of districts. 

Catch Classes At Home on My20 Monday through Friday at 11:00 a.m.