Four hostages rescued from house on Harby Street in Houston, four suspects charged with kidnapping

Four people were being held hostage inside a Houston home for ransom in the 4300 block of Harby Street which led to the FBI raiding the home. The raid occurred on Wednesday, April 3 around 3 a.m.

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FOX 26 was able to get hold of the federal charging documents and learned new details. 

Four suspects were arrested in the raid.

The four suspects were Luis Enrique Duran Montilla, Gerson Adony Chicas Alfaro, Keven Armando Marcano, and Elloy M. Figueroa Pedraza

This started on March 27 when a woman walked into a Houston police precinct and told police that her boyfriend, William Manriquez, had been kidnapped. 

She says he went to Mexico to visit a sick family member and crossed back over to the U.S. illegally and that was when he was kidnapped, along with three other immigrants.

The suspected kidnappers demanded $15,000 for the safe return of Manriquez and the three other immigrants and, if not, they would kill them.

On April 1, officers were able to trace the calls the kidnappers made to the victim's families to the Airbnb on Harby Street.

The FBI raided the home on April 3.


All kidnapped victims were rescued by FBI agents and now recovering.

You can read the full court documents here.