Four found dead in car

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a quadruple homicide off Market, near I-10 and Dell Dale.

Authorities say it all started after 7:00 am Friday morning when a witness saw a vehicle on fire in a field right off Market. When crews got to the scene, they quickly put the fire out and were able to have it towed out of mud and to the road.

Two people were found dead inside the trunk, an African American male and female. Shortly after another male and female were found in the back seat.

Sheriff’s Office officials say they believe the four were dead inside the car before the fire had been started and are investigating this as a homicide.

“We can't speculate now but we do know the fire was set to Cover the homicide it's just determining the cause and the motive is what we're doing right now", says Sgt. Thomas Gilliland.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.