Fort Worth officers install AC units for people in need

A Fort Worth woman is grateful after a group of police officers installed a new air conditioner in her home.

Nothing is wrong with Bobie Clark. She is always in good spirits, even when her old air conditioner was no match for the Texas heat.

That's why Fort Worth police officers installed an air conditioner to help Clark stay cooler.

"Whoa,” said Clark. “My cup is running over. I'm so happy.”

While on their beats or making other calls, Fort Worth police are also on the lookout for people who may be in danger from the heat. Home Depot provides the air conditioners.

Fort Worth officers do the installations themselves, and do several installations each summer. They've already helped two families this week.

"You wear multiple hats on a daily basis,” said Fort Worth Officer Jimmy Pollozani. “It can go from putting people in jail to a simple little kind act that we did today of installing an air conditioner for a resident that it needed."