Former Freeport officer acquitted for accidentally shooting neighbor

A former Freeport police officer is cleared on charges of shooting a man—leaving him seriously injured.

Life was good for Matthew McInnis. In December 2015, he had just joined the Freeport police force. Things changed on January 30, 2016, at 4 a.m. While the 25-year-old was sleeping in his bed, he reached to shut off an alarm in his apartment, but instead he picked up his gun -- accidentally firing it into his neighbor's apartment. The bullet hit Reggie Rossow, leaving him seriously injured.

McInnis was charged with deadly conduct saying he was reckless while firing his gun through a wall. Luckily his neighbor survived.

McInnis went on trial last week and was acquitted. Matthew McInnis and his attorney Charles "Big Angry" Adams are on the Factor with more.