Former America's Next Top Model contestant among six shot at apartment complex

A former America's Next Top Model contestant is one of six victim's shot yesterday at a North Houston apartment complex.  Brandy Rusher appeared on Season 4 of America's Next Top Model and became a finalist.  Now she's critically injured in the hospital after she and five others were shot by someone who opened fire into a crowd.

It happened in the Haverstock Hills Apartments.  Six people were shot in broad daylight.  Four of them survived including Brandy Rusher, her brother Isaiah Rusher, brother-in-law Arthur Larkin and a 16-year-old girl. Rusher's brother Wayne and her boyfriend Chris Beatty were killed in the shooting.

“It's really frightening.  It really is.  You just have to stay in your house.  I'm not going to be in prison when I'm at home and that's the way it feels,” says one man who lives in the complex.

“You have to live in fear every day when you live here, you really do,” adds another man.

Haverstock has had its share of violence.  In 2010 a restraining order, of sorts, banned gang members from returning to the complex.  A Harris County Sheriff's Office sub-station was set up but that didn't stop a man from opening fire with an assault rifle on Sunday leaving six people shot in the street.

“How long are they going to have these people getting shot and kids witnessing people laying in the street out here?” asks one man.

“I just can’t believe it,” says Shawn Beatty whose brother and brother-in-law were killed.  Beatty has another brother in critical condition.  Brandy Rusher is Beatty’s sister-in-law.  He hopes the gunmen are soon caught.

”They need to be caught.  That was unnecessary.  They were just talking and they came back with guns and started shooting,”.

Witnesses say this started when a female neighbor argued with one of the brothers then called her boyfriend who arrived with two other men and a high-powered rifle.

“I still can't believe it.  It's very upsetting,” says Shawn Beatty.  Haverstock Hills residents are planning to meet at the complex there off of Highway 59 at Aldine Bender tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. to demand 24 hour security.

Several witnesses say Brandy Rusher was shot and then run over by a car.  She is in the hospital in critical condition.  Investigators are still searching for the gunman and the two men he drove away with.