Forensic director accused of being drunk at crime scene

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The director of the crime scene unit at the Houston Forensic Science Center has been temporarily stripped of his duties, FOX 26 News has learned.

Jerry Pena, who serves as director of evidence collection, is being investigated by the office of inspector general.  This is after some officers complained he smelled of alcohol while on a crime scene. He's also accused of putting his hand in the pocket of a female officer. 

Pena remains director while his duties have been delegated to someone else during the probe.

This comes while the civilian controlled crime lab is dealing with push back from some veteran officers at the Houston Police Department. 

Dr. Peter Stout, chief operating officer at the Forensic Science Center, says his employee are in some instances being told what to do on crime scenes by HPD investigators when his crime scene unit employees are independent of HPD.

The Houston police union says that's not true.

Meanwhile, HPD released a statement saying their department is in transition and while there may be difficulties they will work the issues out.

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