16-year-old who held party at Balmoral Lagoon being threatened amid recent violent fights

A highly anticipated 16th birthday party has led to a series of unfortunate events for the birthday boy and his family. FOX 26 reported last week's violent fights at the Balmoral Subdivision lagoon in Humble. Well, now the situation has gotten even worse for the family who was having the birthday party.
"I’ve really been in fear for he and his sister," says Betty Driver, who hosted a 16th birthday party for her son. 

Not only was Clarence Driver III’s party rained out at the Balmoral Lagoon, but community management was also hosting a public event there at the same time. 

So when violent fights broke out at the Lagoon, the family hosting the birthday party wants to make certain their neighbors know their guests were not involved. 

"We really had no control over the altercations afterwards. Most of those people in fact, everybody, we had no relationship with. Our guests left. Our guests went home," explains 16-year-old Clarence "CJ" Driver III. 


Betty Driver says her son has now lost his job as a lifeguard at the lagoon and is being targeted online. 

"Making racial slurs, calling him a monkey. We’ve had people threaten to come and do things to our house." 

"It makes me feel like I’m like not viewed as the person that I am. I’m not that kid that they think I am," says the 16 year old. 

"He made the honor roll this past year in spite of it being a pandemic. CJ had all A’s and B’s," adds his mom. 


The Driver's had to pay management $1,000 to host the party, which I’m told was supervised with several adults including the 16-year-old’s mom and dad. 

The family says they share their neighbor’s concerns regarding safety. 

"We live here. We’re residents. We love this community very much," says Betty Driver. 

The concerned mom says she wants the threats against her son to stop, particularly the racial slurs. 

"Seeing the George Floyd incident, the Ahmad Arbery, and everyone else who’s lost their life, people of color, that makes me as a mother incredibly scared for his safety and his life."     

Balmoral Management, Land Tejas, released a statement previously saying they’re investigating to find out if the people fighting were guests of the public showcase event or the party. 

Public events at the lagoon have been canceled until further notice.