Finding silver lining in spite of oil sector recession

24,700 energy jobs have been eliminated since the start of Houston's oil and gas recession in 2014.

The negative shifting of the oil sector's economic implosion sent aftershocks rippling across numerous fields, including the manufacturing sector where 31,300 jobs were cut.

And while some lost their jobs, other's left them, craving something more in life.

“I come to work every day with a smile," said Steve Williams, owner of Christian Brothers Automotive. "I like my team, I love the environment and the customers." 

Williams onced worked as a BP executive. He was part of the company's Olympic committee, traveling to London and Sochi for the recent games. He left it all and became an entrepreneur and is now the owner of one of the most successful automotive franchises, Christian Brothers Automotive in Katy.

Steve says he took a leap of faith, trusting in himself that a brighter future could result with the right amount of will power and determination.

Tim Jeffcoat of the small business bureau in Houston agrees with that equation and offers the loans that allow hopeful entrepreneurs dreams take flight.

“The thing that sets a successful entrepreneur apart from the rest, is the will to succeed," says Jeffcoat.

And while both Jeffcoat and Williams acknowledge taking a risk like starting one's own business can feel uneasy, Steve says it's worth it.

"Back yourself, believe in yourself," said Williams. "After being in the oil business for quite some time, I decided I had to back myself, and sometimes you have to just go for it.”