Fans in Anaheim hold 'lightsaber vigil' honoring Carrie Fisher

She might be the littlest Leia in the crowd, but super fan Audrey Huerta cried big tears over the death of her favorite princess. 


“She was a good lady,” Huerta said through tears. 


It’s clear, Carrie Fisher’s role as Princess Leia impacted fans of all ages. 


Audrey’s mom shared the series with her kids. 


“Star wars has always been a big part of our family and our household and Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia was a big role model to all of us,” Laura Huerta, Star Wars fan, said.  


That’s why hundreds of fans turned out for a lightsaber vigil at Downtown Disneyland. They pointed their colorful swords to light up a picture of Fisher as Princess Leia.  


“Lightsaber makes more sense for Star Wars than a candlelight vigil,” Jeff Rowan, who organized the vigil, said. 


But just as fans were arriving Wednesday night, they received more devastating news on Fisher’s mother Debbie Reynolds. The actress and singer died just a day after her own daughter. 


“I grew up watching Molly Brown over and over and just hearing that this happened so close to her daughter was a tremendous loss,” Huerta said. 


“I love my daughter that much and if I witnessed my daughter dying and leaving behind a legacy I think I would die of a broken heart too,” another mother said. 


With so much loss, fans said their ready for a new start. 


“We have four more days of 2016 and I’m really holding my breath I just need 2017 to happen,” fan, Jordan Paul, said.