Famous people you didn't know were born on leap day

Since 2018 isn’t divisible by four, that means it’s not a leap year. So, like most years, there won’t be a February 29th. Of course, some famous people were born on February 29th, too. Here’s who won’t be celebrating a birthday this year… at least not on the 29th:

  • Ja Rule might always be on time, but unfortunately his birthday only shows up once every four years. He’ll have his 11th birthday in two years.
  • Tony Robbins probably doesn’t need any help staying motivated, but his next birthday is a big one: 15.
  • Law and Order star Dennis Farina passed away in 2013 at age 69, just about a year after his 17th birthday.
  • And finally, soap opera star Antonio Sabato Jr. isn’t being dramatic if he tells you it’s almost never his birthday: he celebrated his 11th in 2016.

Even better news for these leap day babies? February 29th, 2020 is a Saturday, so they’ll have the day off to celebrate. Happy birthday to all these stars … in two years.