Family reunites with girl after she was reported missing

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Nekedria 'Keke' Collins vanished into the night on Wednesday after running away from her mother's home at the Fallbrook Ranch Apartments complex in north Houston. The 11-year-old girl's mother, Frankie Collins, tells FOX 26 News that she had an argument with her daugther and 'Keke' walked outside to cool off. It's when she went outside that Frankie says 'Keke' took off.  

Dickey Collins, the girl's father says he did not sleep on Wednesday night and canvassed throughout the neighborhood, searching for any sign of his daughter. 

"I just want you to come home in one piece," said Dickey as he pleaded for her return. "You can come home, call my phone. You can call daddy. We will come pick you up. I just want you to come home safe."

Shortly after 2 p.m. Thursday, Frankie and Dickey, along with other relatives and friends, received the call they had been waiting for all day -- the call that 'Keke' had been found in safe condition. After a period of almost 18 hours, 'Keke' was finally reunited with her family. She was found with a Good Samaritan, according to a statement released by the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

As for her relatives, they are just relieved to have 'Keke' back in their arms.