Family of murdered teen says her killer was 'obsessed' with her

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DeKalb County Police said the teen's ex-boyfriend, Sincere Brown, committed the crime of passion and stabbed Chapman to death at Brown's grandfather's house in Stone Mountain.

“If he couldn't have her, no one could,” said Chapman’s grandmother Andretta Jones. “So, he stabbed her eight times.”

Family members said Chapman recently started dating someone new. “I think that's what set him off,” Jones said. “That she moved on.”

Now, the teen's family is left with memories and a hole in their hearts nothing can fill.

“Her life was just starting, and for him to take her life from us like that ... it's just not fair,” said Chapman’s grandmother Deborah Hill.

Chapman was studying to be a nurse to help care for her mother.

“She tried to help anyone and everyone she met if there was a need for it,” Jones said.

Now, Andretta Jones is asking for any organization that works with teens struggling to escape domestic violence to contact her. She is looking to find a way to help other teens escape toxic relationships before it's too late.

“I want to help because this was one senseless murder, and if I could help one child to not go through what we're going through, I would really like to do that,” Jones said.