Family members angry to find someone else buried in loved one's plot

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“This is not what my mother deserves or anybody’s family member deserves,” said Connie Carter.

87-year-old Margurite Lamb had 10 children and was known by many in La Marque for her years working as a nursing assistant at Mainland Memorial Hospital.

When Fredrick Lamb, her husband of 47 years, died in 1994 she purchased the plot next to his at Mainland Memorial Cemetery in Hitchcock.

“I’m going to be buried by my husband,” Carter recalled her mother saying. “It meant a lot to her. It meant a lot to the kids. We always knew where my mother would end up.”

But on the day of her funeral, the family got some disturbing news.

“There’s already a body in your mother’s plot,” said Carter. “I said no.”

Sure enough, there’s a casket in the plot bought and paid for by Margurite Lamb, and no one seems to know who the body belongs to.

“We have no clue and according to guy who owns this cemetery, he has no clue either ,which is very scary because obviously somebody put somebody there,” Carter said.

Russell Laroe who owns the cemetery told us the same thing. He doesn’t know who was buried in Lamb’s plot. Laroe told us he’s only owned the cemetery for six years and this was someone else’s mistake.

On Sunday, Lamb’s family members shot video of Laroe trying to get the casket out of Lamb’s plot. The cemetery owner told us this has never happened before, and it’s a big shock to him.

“It’s a heartbreaking thing to happen to anybody,” Carter said.

Laroe told us he didn’t make this situation or cause this situation, he inherited it and he has to correct it. He also says he will do everything possible to find out the identity of the person buried in Lamb’s plot.