Family holds vigil for good Samaritan killed

Family and friends are mourning a man who was killed when he tried to stop a crime.

Dozens of people gathered for a vigil earlier on Tuesday afternoon for the owner of Garcia's Tire and Wheel shop. It was at the shop that they left flowers, pictures and candles to honor Bobby Garcia’s memory.

Houston police have released surveillance video, and they're asking the public for help in identifying the suspects.

“My dad was always the kind of person to help people out when they needed help and be there for each other, for every person,” said Anthony Garcia, the victim’s 10-year-old son.

Garcia was 38 years old and the owner of a tire shop on Fuqua in southwest Houston. His tire shop is right next to the convenience store where he lost his life.

Police say on Monday, Garcia and a convenience store employee were leaving the store when they saw burglars trying to steal from a Lexus parked in front. Garcia tried to intervene, but when he did, the burglars immediately opened fire and ran off.

The store employee was grazed by a bullet but survived, while Garcia died from his wounds.

“He was helping somebody. That’s why he's hurting. It was just wrong place, wrong time. He was just helping somebody,” said Richard Salazar, a cousin.

“We always looked up to my brother so now it's just me and my little brother, and we got to stick together now my brother's gone,” said Sabrina Garcia, the victim’s sister.

Police said there were four suspects and that they may have been driving a silver or light blue Chrysler 200.

If you have information related to the murder, Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest.