Families rescued from Houston apartment complex

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From the ground up fire crews could be seen rescuing children from a second story balcony. A mother calmly handing her children over to fire fighters one after the other was caught on camera. “She woke up just in time because she got her three kids out and they just got her out just in time”, describes Leola Broussard who witnesses what happened.

The three alarm fire irrupt it early Monday morning, destroying 16 units in the building including Leola Broussard‘s. She says she remembers waking up just after 1:00 am. “I woke up to a noise, I heard something pop and I raised up and by the time I raised up my smoke alarm went off and I just jumped up and I saw smoke I just saw smoke and fire and just flames and I could say was oh my God”, says Broussard.

Broussard woke up her family and they left immediately, unknowingly leaving behind important things like their wallets, personal documents, car keys and even shoes.

“I’m on the phone with 911 and I’m telling them y’all need to get here because nobody’s opening the door, nobody’s answering, the fire is you know I’m standing here and I’m just watching this fire burn”, says Stephanie Curry.

A family member first notice the fire appear to only engulf their up stairs neighbors balcony. Broussard says, “he looked inside the fires upstairs the fires up above upstairs it started upstairs, so he just ran and I said the kids are upstairs, I said them kids upstairs because I knew there was a family up there so he ran up there and he started kicking a beating kicking a beating and no one ever came to the door”.

We were told everyone in the units got out, with the help of good samaritans and firefighters.

“I’m just glad we’re all out I mean we don’t have anything but I’m glad we’re all alive that’s most important”, says Curry.