Families remain vigilant during deadly flu season

In Houston, the health department says children are getting hit hardest by the flu this year which makes parents, like Margarita Golden, more aware of how her three little ones are feeling.

“This one’s not crawling anymore,” said Golden about 1-year-old Benny. “So he’s walking and putting everything in his mouth.”

“The children four and under have been more impacted,” said Porfirio Villarreal, Public Information Officer for the Houston Health Department.

“The ages of these kids are what really scare me. They’re finally learning the art of sharing,” said Golden. “So when one comes home sick, pretty much each one of them will be sick at some point.”

The ages of Golden’s children range from five to one. Benny, anything but shy, has his flu shot as does his siblings and mom.

“The cons of the flu shot are outweighed by all the things that could go wrong if they do indeed get the flu,” said Golden. “We’ve gotten emails from both schools letting us know that if your kids have a fever or have anything that looks like it might be symptomatic of the flu, keep them home.”

And at home they stay...and play.

“Opting for outdoor activities or keeping kids home and having friends come over to play instead,” said Golden.

Also washing those hands, even though this busy mom admits she’s not perfect.

“It’s hard. It’s hard to be as careful as I should. He drops his pacifier I don’t have a little wipes to clean them off all the time I mean I do the best I can,” said Golden.