Eyewitness captures video of Houston police shooting after high speed chase

Houston police opened fire on a robbery suspect after a high speed chase on Sunday.

It happened near a busy shopping plaza in west Houston on Westheimer near Windchase.

BACKGROUND: Suspected robber shot during chase with police in west Houston

Ifeatu Obianw was driving down Westheimer around 4 p.m. Sunday, when he found himself in the middle of the mayhem.

"I’m hearing gun sounds. Then a police car came around," Obianw recalls. "They took me out, put me in the back of the cop car for safety, and they were still shooting."

Houston police say officers were pursuing a robbery suspect who took them on a chase and drove recklessly for nearly 20 minutes.  

He crashed into several vehicles along the way including Obianw's car.

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"He hit my car. But before he hit my car, his hand was looking like he was about to shoot," Obianw said.

Houston police say they haven't confirmed if the suspect had a gun or not.

They’re also working to figure out who fired first.


Obianw shared video with FOX 26, showing the moments officers opened fire on the suspect. You can see the suspect raise his arms as if he were shooting. 

That’s when four officers opened fire, striking him multiple times.

The suspect had to be taken in serious condition via LifeFlight to the hospital, where he would undergo surgery.

He is expected to survive.

Houston Police Shootout: Suspect Roland Caballero facing federal charges for injuring 3 officers

In addition to the attempted capital murder charges Roland Caballero, 31, is facing, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas is looking to press federal charges.

Police say there was a woman in the car with him, who got out of the vehicle before the crash and shooting.

Police also say the suspect, who has only been described as a man in his 40s, has a criminal history for robbery.