Experimental drug showing remarkable results in babies with liver disease

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This little guy’s name is Ahryn Hagner.

“When I was 19 weeks pregnant we discovered that he did not have proper bowel function,” said Ahryn’s mom Heather Schneider.

“He’s one of our premature babies that was born with an intestinal problem that required surgery,” said Dr. Amy Hair with Texas Children’s Hospital.

Ahryn needed intravenous nutrition which usually causes liver damage in babies, but his liver seems to be bouncing back because of Omegaven. Using the omega based solution made from fish oil on babies with liver disease is not FDA approved.

“It’s being used actively in Europe very rare here but on a comfort care basis they allowed us to try it,” Ahryn’s mom said.

“We’ve seen amazing results,” Dr. Hair said. “It not only heals their liver it also has other anti-inflammatory properties and overall just helps their health.”

Dr. Hair says the experimental drug has even saved may babies from liver transplants.

“There’s a high mortality rate,” she said.

The drug has been used in over 150 babies at Texas Children’s Hospital.

“It’s giving these babies a chance at the future it’s giving hope it’s saving their lives and healing their liver disease,” said Dr. Hair.

With three other children at home spending most of her time at the hospital is taking its toll on Ahryn’s mom.

“My daughter is suffering from separation anxiety right now my oldest is autistic change is very hard we thrive on consistency in our house and we don’t have that right now so we’re not doing too well,” Schneider said.

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