Exotic birds can retire at 'Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary'

The Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary can be described as a retirement home for parrots

Patricia Norton, also known as the "Bird Mother," realized years ago that she loved birds and they seemed to respond to her. What started small in 2002, has turned into a forever home for more than 750 birds, all in the parrot family. There are between 30 to 35 species at the sanctuary in Hudson.

Too many times bird owners don’t realize the commitment of owning an animal that can live more than 50 years. For a fee, Patricia will take in an unwanted parrot and provide it a permanent home that allows them to mingle with other compatible birds in outdoor open-flight aviaries.

Norton says, before you decide to buy an exotic bird, do your homework. They live a long time, and can be very expensive to care for.

You can tour the facility by appointment, but she hopes to have public visiting hours in the coming years. 

Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary
8933 Casper Avenue
Hudson, FL 34667