Massive parade held in Santa Fe to support 4-year-old diagnosed with terminal brain cancer

A 4-year-old little boy in Santa Fe has been diagnosed with terminal brain stem cancer and given just weeks to live. 

A massive parade of vehicles took to the streets of Santa Fe Saturday evening showing their support for 4-year-old Wylie Cino.


Wiley was diagnosed with Brain Stem Glioma toward the beginning of July.

"His tumor in his brain stem is already taking up his whole brain stem, so it's already pushing on his brain," his mother Nicole Cino explained. 

 Doctors informed Wiley's family that his tumor is inoperable and that he could only have 2-weeks left to live. 

"We can't do nothing; I don't want him here, to be selfish and make him suffer more than what he is, we're going to let him live his life out, do home hospice until he's ready," said Mrs. Cino. 

 When Kiki Dugie, an active member of the Santa Fe community got wind of little Wiley's situation, he didn't hesitate to jump into action.

 "This is our show of support for the family and for the community; when a child has a need as a community, we're coming out of the woodwork," said Dugie. 


 Dugie learned that Wiley loves cars and trucks, so he called up some friends and the word started to spread. In just a few days, a parade with more than 500 vehicles came together. 

"More than I expected, it was very emotional at first just knowing that this will probably be his last parade, but I'll be okay," Mrs. Cino said. 

Community members brought out their cars, motorcycles, jeeps, ATV's, slingshots, pick up, and military trucks. There were also tow trucks, numerous police cruisers, and fire engines.  

"We got people from Houston, Montgomery, Pearland, Pasadena, LaPorte, Friendswood, League City; you got Galveston County, Pearland officers all over the place," Dugie said. 


 Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and numerous other characters also paraded through the streets, with everyone stopping to give gifts and donations to little Wiley and his family.

"Love your children, forget fighting with them… hug them, spend the moments, get off your phones," said Mrs. Cino. 

Wiley's family is collecting donations, if you'd like to help go to FOX 26's Gabby Hart's Facebook or Twitter for a link: