EXCLUSIVE: Director, Ethan Hawke directs movie, "Blaze" about Texas songwriting legend

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The film "Blaze" hits Houston theaters next Friday, August 24th. It's based on the true story of the life of Texas singer-songwriter "Blaze Foley." Texas native Ethan Hawke produced and directed the film, and talked in an exclusive interview at FOX 26 studios with Backstage OL.com's Dave Morales.  Ben Dickey, who starred as Blaze Foley in the movie also weighed in on what it was like to act for the first-time in a feature film. 

Hawke said about Dickey's performance, "He'd never acted before. First movie out--he wins best actor at Sundance!" 

Blaze Foley was known as "bigger-than-life musician," who died in 1989 at age 39. His work deeply inspired other Texas-based musicians who covered of his songs including Lyle Lovett and Merle Haggard. 

In a movie review by Variety, it touches on the true Texas love story that Hawke created: