Ex-Humble ISD Athletic Director files lawsuit against board, claims retaliation and harassment

A former athletic director at Humble Independent School District (ISD) has filed a lawsuit making serious allegations against the district's board president and members. The lawsuit, which seeks damages between $200,000 and $1 million, claims retaliation and inappropriate behavior.

Troy Kite, the ex-athletic director who left his position in April, indicates it was a forced decision after an investigation into his behavior at work. He alleges that he faced retaliation after refusing to accept advances from Humble ISD board president Robert Scarfo.

"My reputation and character has been destroyed. This isn’t about money," Kite said.

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In the complaint, Kite accuses Scarfo of touching him inappropriately on several occasions and making sexually explicit gestures and invitations in front of other board members. He describes feeling uncomfortable, and despite his love for the job, Kite feared speaking out could jeopardize not only his own position but also his wife's Dr. Elizabeth Fagen employment.

"It did not make me feel comfortable nor was it wanted and there are multiple other things. When he rubbed my chest in front of multiple other board members, you’re almost in disbelief of what’s going on," Kite said.

Fagen is the Humble ISD superintendent and has been on paid administrative leave since mid-May.

"[They told my attorney] If he doesn’t retire by noon we’re going to put him on the non-renewal list. I hadn’t seen a final report. You’re not supposed to discipline anybody before a final report," Kite said.

Furthermore, Kite is suing board members Chris Parker, Ken Kirchhofer, and Mike Grabowski for purported involvement in arranging his departure from the district. This followed a board-backed investigation that concluded Kite had fostered a hostile work environment and made sexually explicit remarks about colleagues.

"What I want is him [Scarfo] to be held accountable for his behavior. I want the board to be held accountable for not following the law on multiple items, and then I want to move on with my life," Kite said.

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While Kite acknowledges the lawsuit involves a substantial monetary sum, he emphasizes that his primary objective is to hold the involved parties accountable for their actions and to seek justice.

"I don’t think anyone can put an amount of money on your character or what your reputation is worth," Kite said.

FOX 26 reached out to Scarfo, Kirchhofer, and Grabowski for comments but did not receive a response in time for this report.

Humble ISD told FOX 26 that they do not comment on ongoing litigation.