Event venue fireworks display disrupts local residents

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Imagine your neighbors throwing crazy parties every weekend Playing loud music through out the night, dumping trash into the streets, and setting off fireworks at 2am! Well, that's the reality residents who live next to Chateau Cocomar have to face. Now they're banning together to put a stop to it all.

The deafening fireworks display is the major problem in this area composed of over 1,500 homes. On a map,you can see that the venue is literally right next to many of these homes, the dumpsters are located next to the fence that separates them. Attracting unwanted rodents to the homes. We saw some of those burrows the rats dug up for ourselves. Trash left on and around the grounds is also an issue.

Leslie MIllwee lives just a few feet from the venue. She tells us she tried to speak with a representative of Chateau Cocomar, but was told to speak to their lawyer instead.

All Leslie wanted to do was have a discussion with them "we're not trying to shut the business down that was not our intention we expect them to be good neighbors good neighbors don't blow pyrotechnic fireworks up in the middle of the night and effect hundreds of thousands of people."

She has also reached out to local agencies, but not much has been done to address the issue.

"We were here first, this neighborhood has been around for 30+ years and as you drove in you noticed how very private and secluded it is we chose to be on a dead-end street we chose to be in a quiet area they're the ones invading our space."

We tried reaching out to Chateau Cocomar, and left a message. We still have not received a response. This Tuesday, Champions Coalition is inviting the entire community for a meeting at the Church of Christ at 7:30pm as they continue to resolve this issue.