Lake Livingston dried up sections reveal chunks of debris from deadly 2020 tornado

The recent drought across Texas has caused water levels in Lake Livingston to drop significantly. 

With water down across the lake, tornado debris a deadly twister that tore through Onalaska in April 2020 is now coming to the surface.

"It destroyed our house," said Kevin Kubicek. "Now, seeing this again, it’s like what else will happen?"

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The powerful EF-3 tornado killed 3 people, injured at least 20 more, and destroyed several dozen homes and businesses in Polk County, Texas.

"When the tornado came through it took the metal out of peoples’ houses and dumped it in the lake," said Larry Simmons. "[The debris has] been out there ever since that tornado."

Simmons worries that when the lake refills, the giant chunks of metal could be dangerous for people boating, swimming, or water-skiing.

"There’s an opportunity somebody could get killed or hurt," said Simmons. "They pull kids around on inner tubes, if they fall off on the wrong spot, that’s sheet metal out there will cut you good."

Simmons says residents have been trying to get officials to clean up the mess for 3 years, but so far nothing has been done.

"You can’t talk to anybody," said Simmons. "Nobody will listen."

The Trinity River Authority (TRA) oversees the lake. In response to this story, a spokesperson from the TRA tells FOX 26 they’re monitoring the area. Adding, "when conditions allow for equipment or a boat," they’ll make a move to remove as much of the debris as possible.


In addition, TRA wants to remind boaters to use caution, especially when the lake is low.

Homeowners along Lake Livingston have started walking out on the dry lake bed and picking up pieces of debris.  However, some chunks are too heavy, or stuck in the mud.

Some say they hope help arrives soon before the lake refills and is harder to clean.

"We need to take advantage of this right now, so we can get this stuff out of here," said Kubicek. "It’s pitiful."