Drag Queen Story Hour in Houston

Drag queens reading stories to children in libraries, schools and bookstores is a concept gaining attention throughout the U.S.

Drag Queen Story Hour teaches children to accept and celebrate gender diversity in themselves and others and helps to curb bullying of LGBTQ children.

In on  45-minute-long program, a drag queen trained by children’s librarians reads picture books, sings songs, and leads children in a simple craft activity, but there are many critics who don't believe the concept is appropriate for young children.

The Houston Public Library released the following statement regarding Drag Queen Story Hour:

Throughout their history, American public libraries have been on the front lines of promoting inclusivity and dispelling intolerance. The Houston Public Library is committed to celebrating the diverse and culturally rich communities here in Houston through the broad array of programs and resources we offer.  All our programs are free, open to the public, and accessible by choice.” 

Houston City Council member Michael Kubosh explains why he opposes the program in the city and Houston GLBT Political Caucus president Mike Webb defends Drag Queen Story Hour on Isiah Factor Uncensored.