DPS whistleblower allegations on border trigger call for criminal charges

An explosive whistleblower allegation claiming deterrence tactics on the Texas border have deteriorated to calculated cruelty has triggered outrage in the Lone Star State's largest City.

"I want people prosecuted. These are criminal acts committed by our government," said State Representative Gene Wu of Houston.

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"This is not only an attack on the Latino community, but an assault on our collective humanity," said State Representative Christina Morales of Houston.

It's alleged by the whistleblowing State Trooper that fellow DPS officers were ordered to push immigrants, including children, back into the Rio Grande River.

The whistleblower also claims to have witnessed a woman suffer a miscarriage after being caught in razor wire deployed by the state and watched immigrants intentionally denied water by fellow troopers.

"When we say Troopers are denying people water in 110 degree heat, that's not just torture, that's murder," said Wu.


Also labeled as egregious over-reach were river barrier buoys deployed to discourage the undocumented from crossing.

"We have literally set-up death traps at the border," said Morales.

As DPS continues to categorically deny much of what the whistleblower claims, Texas Senator John Cornyn was in Washington re-directing blame to the Biden Administration and what Republicans have labeled an "open border" policy that's attracted more than six million uninvited immigrants since the President took office.

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"It's tantamount to laying out the welcome mat and saying anybody and everybody who wants to come here is welcome to come here. Some of the tactics that are being used at the border are desperation tactics because, frankly, the Biden administration is not doing its job," said Cornyn.