Donald Trump leaves Dallas to continue Texas tour

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Donald Trump will continue his tour of Texas Friday.

The Republican presidential hopeful spent the night in Dallas following his rally at Gilley’s. There was a heavy police presence outside his hotel and at Love Field for his departure.

Trump arrived in Dallas Thuraday and first went to a private fundraiser at the Highland Hotel near the Central Expressway and Mockingbird Lane. He was joined by the Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

Tickets for that event reportedly cost $50,000 and people were asked to raise another $250,000 for Trump and the Republican Party. Protestors were outside the hotel, but there were no problems.

After the fundraiser, Trump headed to a rally at Gilley’s. He recounted many of his primary victories and talked about how he defeated more than a dozen other hopefuls one by one.

He got the biggest cheers when he talked about beating Hillary Clinton in November and protecting gun rights. He also did not back down from his promise to stop illegal immigration from Mexico.

Thursday night’s rally drew a big crowd. In addition to his supporters, there were many who oppose his policies and words. Even some open carry advocates showed up with sidearms, a rifle and riot shields. They told the crowd they were there to protect them.

Dallas police said they removed seven protestors from the event for their own safety. One person was arrested and one person was injured when he was reportedly hit by a rock during a heated exchange.

Police were prepared for trouble and officers quickly separated the crowds as the verbal argument broke out.

Trump is scheduled to attend a private fundraiser in San Antonio and then a public rally in Houston Friday evening.