Donald Trump impersonator making $40,000 a month

Gage Skidmore | Flickr

Republicans may remain divided over whether Donald Trump’s candidacy is good for the GOP, but the New York mogul’s turn in the political spotlight has definitely been a boon to one Pennsylvania man — a professional Trump impersonator who has been mimicking The Donald for more than a decade.

John Di Domenico — or "Johnny D" — is a professional impersonator who performs as everyone from Food Network personality Guy Fieri to Larry King to Austin Powers’s Dr. Evil. He has had a Trump act on his resume since 2004, when The Apprentice first appeared.

But according to a local news channel profile, Di Domenico never made much playing Trump; his appearances were limited to corporate gatherings and birthday parties where he’d “roast” business executives, Apprentice boardroom style.

Lately, though, now that Trump is everywhere in the media, he's been raking in as much as $40,000 a month.

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