DNC Day 3: Biggest day, night of traffic, security yet

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If you thought Democratic National Convention security was tight before -- with police everywhere and road restrictions – you may have not seen anything yet.

Before 8am, FOX 29's Bob Kelly reported on large stretches of I-95 being closed around Philadelphia for a motorcade believed to be Vice President Joe Biden's. Also, look for traffic on the Vine Street Expressway (I-676) and Ben Franklin Bridge during your morning commute. Plus, parts of Broad Street have been cleared.

That's because the day is supposed to start with an 8am breakfast. Sen. Bernie Sanders was expected to dine with the Pennsylvania delegates at the Doubletree Hotel on Broad and Locust streets in Center City. However, FOX 29’s Dave Kinchen reports a late change of plans.

Turns out, that won't happen. Sanders canceled in the hour before and Danny Glover is now expected instead.

Click here to watch reports from FOX 29’s Bob Kelly tracking the motorcade and gridlock, and FOX 29’s Jennaphr Frederick at the hotel for the motorcade’s arrival.

Protests had been expected since Sanders loyalists believe the Democratic Party could rupture over Hillary Clinton's nomination. A volatile Tuesday night saw Sanders delegates leave the party's national convention to stage a sit-in at a media tent.

The Homeland Security Department reports at about 8:30pm Tuesday, four women climbed “an outer perimeter fence and attempted to enter a Secret Service designated secure zone. The four individuals were immediately arrested without incident by Philadelphia Police and Secret Service personnel. At no point did the individuals enter the Wells Fargo Center.”

The four are charged with entering a restricted area. They spent the night at the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center and will appear before a federal judge later Wednesday.

FOX 29’s Steve Keeley reports these were the first official arrests. Earlier, others were simply cited but they didn’t face criminal charges.

Tuesday, the Philadelphia Police Department issued five violations for disorderly conduct. There were 54 others on Monday. Those code violations notices each carry a $50 fine. 

Click here for Steve's report.

We can also expect another day of marches and protests at FDR Park, and even Eagles players going to training camp in the area have to go through checkpoints.

Also Wednesday, three big groups are planning on holding demonstrations.

At about 8am, about 30,000 Sanders supporters are expected to take part in a March for Bernie.

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church are planning a religious demonstration for 9am.

And Occupy DNC will hold a rally and march in support of Sanders in the afternoon.

Believed to be Vice President Joe Biden's motorcade.

Later, FOX 29’s Bob Kelly is warning that besides the closures in South Philadelphia around the Wells Fargo Center, there will be two motorcades.

Both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will be in town for Wednesday night’s events

Bob suggests taking the Broad Street subway to get in and out of South Philadelphia.