Disabled U.S. Marine Corps veteran gets surprise of his life

“We're just over the moon about everything that's happening here,” says Staff Sgt. Stephen Comeau with a smile. Sgt. Comeau, a disabled U.S. Marine Corps veteran is given the surprise of his life.     

The retired military veteran, his wife Melissa and their 7-year-old son Jack were driven to a subdivision in the southeast Texas town of Sante Fe and SURPRISE! Operation Finally Home is giving the family a brand new house.

“This home will be a three-bedroom, single-story home," explains Operation Finally Home vice president of construction Lee Kirgan. "I didn't get the chance to serve in Vietnam when I was called because of asthma, so  I've always felt like I didn't do something I should have done. This gives me the opportunity to feel like I'm giving back.”

There's only a picture placed on the land for now. In a matter of days, building will begin. 

”They showed me the floor plan," says Melissa with a laugh. "The pantry in this kitchen is bigger than the kitchen I have now.”

“We're in a small apartment right now that is just not suited for us,” adds Sgt. Comeau.

”My son's going to have his own bedroom," describes Melissa with a smile on her face. "We're going to have our own bathroom. It has two sinks.”

Sgt. Comeau served in the Iraq War and is a recipient of the Purple Heart. He was struck by an improvised explosive device (IED) and a rocket-propelled grenade blast sent shrapnel into his eye, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury, burns and bodily injuries.

”One of his doctors has told us he has the body of a 65-year-old man,” says Melissa.

This home will hopefully help make this veteran's road going forward a less rocky one.  

”If there was a word bigger than gratitude, that's how I feel today,” says a smiling Melissa.         

Construction of the family's new home is projected to take four months. The nonprofit group Operation Finally Home says it give wounded warriors the 'American Dream,' completely mortgage free, thanks to donations.