Dickinson no-kill animal shelter faces crisis, needs community support

The Bayou Animal Services and Adoption Center is a no-kill animal shelter dedicated to the humane treatment and care of animals and they are facing an unprecedented crisis. 

Currently, they are housing 76 dogs in a facility designed for only 50 and the shelter has taken in 41 new animals since June 1. With dogs arriving faster than they can be adopted, the shelter’s no-kill status is at risk.

The overcrowding has pushed the shelter to a breaking point, creating increasingly unsafe conditions for both animals and staff. To avert drastic measures, the shelter urgently needs help from the community.

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A temporary foster for a couple of weeks can make a significant difference. The shelter provides all necessary supplies, including food, bowls, leashes, flea and heartworm prevention, toys, crates, blankets, grooming supplies, and professional support. All that’s needed is your love, space, and time. If you have pets, the shelter can match you with a compatible foster animal.

The shelter offers a two-week adoption trial with no strings attached, providing everything needed for a successful transition, including food, a crate, a leash, preventive medications, and 24/7 support from an adoption counselor. You can also bring your pet to meet potential new friends.

Adoption fees are waived through June 29 with an approved application.

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Rescue organizations are urgently needed to take some of the shelter's animals. The dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, heartworm-negative, and well-behaved. Rescue partners can make a significant impact by providing these beautiful dogs with new homes.

For fostering or adoption, please contact the shelter at 713-876-5838. Rescue organizations can reach out to Outreach Coordinator Leah at 832-491-9900.

Your support is crucial to helping the Bayou Animal Services and Adoption Center continue its lifesaving work and provide a safe haven for animals in need.