Detroit considered for stop in 760 MPH Great Lakes Hyperloop system

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Hyperloop Transportation Technologies says it is considering making Detroit a stop for its high speed system that will connect Cleveland to Chicago.

Imagine getting from Detroit to Chicago in less than 30 minutes at 760 miles per hour. It sounds futuristic - and it is - but it's also not so far off.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) says that is working on a Great Lakes Hyperloop that will take you from Cleveland to Chicago in 28 Minutes. The system uses a system of tubes to move passengers and goods between Cleveland and Chicago in 28 minutes.

HTT signed an agreement with the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) and revealed the plans. Detroit is a possible stop in the connection.

"We see outstanding potential and economic benefit in connecting Detroit to our Great Lakes Hyperloop network," Robert Miller, chief marketing officer for the company, said in an email to Fox 2. "At this time however we cannot comment on ongoing conversations." 

HTT and NOACA signed the public-private partnership agreement for the Hyperloop and have raised $1.2 million to finance a feasibility study.

The estimated cost of the project isn't cheap. It's estimated to cost $15 billion. 

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