Deshaun Watson latest: FBI not targeting Watson, says attorney Rusty Hardin

Renowned Houston defense attorney Rusty Hardin has confirmed that his high profile client Deshaun Watson has been interviewed by the FBI while also contending the true target of the ongoing federal probe is Shenee Lawson, a Watson accuser suspected of extortion and not the embattled Texans quarterback.

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To underscore his claim, Hardin shared a text message purportedly from the alleged victim to his client on the day she says she was assaulted, offering Watson future services.

"Hey Deshaun just wanted to say thank you for trusting me with your massage today," read Hardin from a transcript of text messages."I'll be here until January 3rd if you'd like to get another one."

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FOX 26 legal analyst Chris Tritico called Hardin's revelation "strategic."

"It's trying to turn the media circus that this has become away from Deshaun Watson and back on Tony Buzbee's clients," said Tritico.

Indeed, Hardin spent much of the 20-minute gathering with reporters verbally battering Buzbee, accusing the well-known plaintiff's attorney of disrupting the ongoing criminal investigation to the legal detriment of the 20 plus accusers he represents.

 "He knows those lawsuits have no future in the long run, but he wants to be out there and promote himself and the lawsuits and try to get Deshaun to settle them, to pay them the money so he can ride into the sunset," said Hardin.

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Communicating with FOX 26 from his East Texas ranch via text Buzbee said: "We know that's a farce. Little Rusty is reaching. How do I respond to something we all know is a lie?"

Hardin predicted the National Football League will almost certainly wait until the criminal investigations are complete before revealing its own findings and taking potential action.