Democrat Ogg comes out swinging in DA campaign

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In announcing another run to be Harris County's top prosecutor, Kim Ogg picked up where she left off last campaign, charging current District Attorney Devon Anderson with failures ranging from packing the jail with poor, minor offenders to turning a blind eye to bad cops and public corruption.

"Prosecutorial misconduct is a primary reason I am running for Harris County District Attorney. Let me tell you who is not in jail. When was the last time you saw a public corruption case prosecuted by this DA?," said Ogg.

Ogg says in the nearly 11 months that have elapsed since her loss to Anderson Houston has become a more dangerous place for people and their property.

"If you live in Harris County and your car or house hasn't been burglarized yet, it will be. So why will your car be burglarized? Because criminals know no one is coming after them, not this DA," said Ogg.

A Democrat, Ogg pledged an era of common sense prosecutorial judgment with new policies aimed at emptying the jail of the mentally ill and implementation of a plan she's introduced in the past to vastly reduce the number of folks charged with possessing small quantities of pot.

"I rolled out a program that insured no individual would go to jail, have to make bail or endure a conviction that has life-long repercussions because they possessed a marijuana joint.," said Ogg.

The former prosecutor and Crime Stoppers chief said with the Democratic primary just five months way the timing was right to launch her campaign.

In response DA Anderson said she was proud of the job she's done and called Ogg's charges "old rhetoric that voters have rejected once and are highly likely to reject again.