Dead frog found in Waffle House drink, couple says

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A Tallahassee couple says they found a dead frog in a drink served to them at Waffle House earlier this month.

Clair Sheats says she and her husband were served water while they waited for their food to be served but after two sips of his drink, her husband noticed something in his glass.

Sheats said they poured the water out onto the table, revealing the dead amphibian in the bottom.

The couple took video of the discovery and made a report to the health department.

The video shows what they found as they emptied the cup and some ice onto a napkin on the table.

"Excuse me, there's a frog in our drink," Sheats can be heard saying, once the frog is visible.

An employee responds, "A what?"

Sheats: A frog.

Employee: A frog?

Sheats: Look.

Employee: What the hell? I hope it isn't in the ice.

Another employee replies, "Yeah, That's where I just got it out of, the ice thing," likely referring to the drinks.

Another employee's hands can be seen scooping up the frog and ice.

"Sorry about that, guys," he says to them.

According to, a Waffle House representative has reached out to the couple to apologize.

WTXL reports the Waffle House location, on Walden Road in Tallahassee, has been inspected since the incident.

The inspection noted 11 violations, none of which related to the alleged frog incident, reports.