Cruz enlists Patrick in bid for Super Tuesday Texas win

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In the political gun battle that's likely to be the Texas Republican presidential primary candidate Ted Cruz has drawn a solid hand to ride shotgun in the Lone Star campaign.

Few bring to the table more GOP vote-grabbing fire power than Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

"Someone who will crawl through broken glass with a knife between his teeth fighting for conservative principles," said Cruz of his new state chairman.

"I am honored to be the state chair for the Cruz for President campaign, probably the biggest honor in my life," said Patrick.

Serious words from Patrick whose deep ties to the Tea Party base should help Cruz on Super Tuesday swing his delegate rich home state, providing a potential spring board to contend for the nomination.

"Ted Cruz is the prescription to what ails this country and this party," said Patrick.

Firmly on message, Cruz unapologetically compares his brand of constitutional conservatism to Ronald Reagan and contends voters are repelled by deal-making moderates, preferring a leader ready and willing to take aim at Washington.

"We can't keep doing what we're doing another four or eight years. Going down this road risks doing irreparable damage to the greatest country in the history of the world. That's why I am running," said Cruz.

"It's important to have a President who understands Texas because 1,200 of the 1,900 mile border are in our state. He is someone I know will secure the border and won't just talk about it," added Patrick.

While he sits in fourth place with about 8 percent of the GOP vote, Cruz, with close to $14 million, has more money in the bank than any other Republican candidate.

Today four big donors, long affiliated with former Governor Rick Perry, announced their full support of Cruz.