Crook steals holiday decorations from Atlanta family

A crook stole three inflatable Christmas decoration, brakes lights, and kicks down other inflatables all in broad daylight. It happened in the Summerhill neighborhood of Atlanta.

Homeowner Latrice Harris said she didn’t notice what had happened until she went to plug it all in after a long day at work. And while not everything was damaged, she didn’t leave anything up.

"I took them down because the whole display was damaged and everything was vandalized and kicked over and just broken so I just picked it all up,” said Latrice Harris. “So now my corner is naked."

All that’s left are her holiday wreath on the door and the mat on the floor. While she may have taken down what was left of this year’s display, she says she’s coming back swinging next holiday season.

"I am absolutely decorating next year and I'm going to go way beyond what I've already done this year,” said Harris. “So there will be taller inflatables, more inflatables probably and a lot more lights! I'm gonna stick it to them!"

"I hope that the people who took the inflatables out of my yard have a merry Christmas. I do. I sincerely do,” said Harris.

She said she put up the display to keep a promise she made to herself as a child. When she was young, for single mom didn’t have the money to do much around the holidays. So, she took them to see lights. Harris promised her childhood self when she had a home and the money she would put up lights for others to enjoy.