Couple married 63 years say not love at first sight but God's plan

On Sept. 3, 1955, 25-year-old Ruger Winchester takes 21-year-old Mikey for his wife. Fast forward 63 years and they’re still married.

When he looks at Mikey now, does he still see the girl that he met in 1955 in Roswell, New Mexico?

"No, I see the woman she is now,” said Ruger.

Was it love at first sight?

"No, I don’t think so,” said Ruger. Still, they married after only knowing each other for six weeks.

The reason for their rush to the altar isn’t a romantic one.

"There was a house right across the street from her sister, it became available for us," said Ruger. “I decided I’d go get that house and marry her, so I did."

Weeks turned into months.

Months turned into years.

"You just can’t put yourself first,” said Mikey. "I did at first. When we were first married, I wanted my way and he wanted his way."

The couple had three children and many moves with Ruger’s twenty years in the U.S. Air Force.

Then God called Ruger into the ministry.

The couple started a church in North Dakota where they lived for 32 years. Ruger and Mikey moved to Parkway Place in Houston after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Ruger credits God and Mikey for helping him through it.

After 63 years, neither one can think about going one day without the other.

"I know you have to think about those things," said Mikey. ”But I just don’t think about that.”