Country music star, pro golfer help Houston children in need

PGA Tour Champion John Daly knows what it feels like to win the Insperity Invitational at The Woodlands Country Club. Now he's back in town to try again. He welcomed us on board his well-known tour bus.

"I've always loved it!" says Daly, who's been going to the club's tournament course since 1991. "I missed a few years because I wasn't 50 yet, but anytime they have a tournament here at this golf course, it has been one of my favorites on the tour and definitely my favorite on the champion tour."


Daly met up with his long-time buddy, country music star Chris Cagle.

"It's great! I've been a fan of Chris's for a long time. I love his Breathe in, Breathe out song and many others. I listen to them a lot on the road," says Daly.

The respect is mutual. "He and I have kept in touch for about 20 years and just got to know each other more and more and turned out to be cut from the same cloth," says Cagle.

Now these guys are using their celebrity to make a difference in their communities.

"I'm on the board of Body Balance Foundation and we do an event in Houston called "Toys Fore Kids" and I had gone and done John's charity in Arkansas, so I said - hey come to Houston and do mine," exclaims Cagle.

He's helping raise tens of thousands of dollars for Houston's children in need. To do that, he auctioned off a round of golf with John Daly, so the pro golfer came ready to play with Houstonians for a good cause before golfing in the Insperity.

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"It's a lot of fun. Chris and I love being able to help others," states Daly.

"My fans have put me in a position to know a guy like John, who's a legend in the game of golf. I've recently become a big fanatic of golf. We get a guy from Arkansas who can benefit people in Houston and we get  people in Houston who pay a great amount of money to play golf with John, and we get to help kids in Arkansas as well," explains Cagle.

Houstonians were ready to help his charity and enjoy that once in a lifetime experience.

"Not many people get to say, I played golf with John Daly. I haven't, and I'm his buddy, so it's pretty cool," laughs Cagle.

What's so unique about this powerful duo, they're simultaneously raising funds for each of their charities. While Cagle is helping local kids being treated at Texas Children's Hospital, Daly is splitting the funds to help other children, as well as veterans, in his home state of Arkansas through his non-profit called Heart of a Lion.

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"This one is specifically designed for Boys and Girls Club in Dardanelle. I'm close to building them a new building. Last check, we had 70 kids. This building is 30 years in the making, and I just can't wait for it to happen," states  Daly.

Cagle will continue to be known for swooning the crowds with his country songs and John for his charisma and long drives on the course. Now together, they'll be known for enhancing the lives of those who need it most.  

Houstonians can head to the Insperity Invitational to see John Daly and other pro-golfers up close and personal through Sunday May 1.