Mega jigsaw puzzle for sale at Costco is 29 feet wide and has 60,000 pieces

(Photo by Felix Kästle/picture alliance via Getty Images)

A mega jigsaw puzzle with 60,000 pieces is for sale at Costco. At 8 feet long and 29 feet wide, the wholesale giant says it’s the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world.

The puzzle, called What a Wonderful World, is actually 60 1,000 piece puzzles featuring the art of 187 paintings by artist Dowdle, Costco says on its website.

"This supersized puzzle can be done in sections and then locked together into one big, beautiful puzzle," the description reads.

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Costco says the puzzle is "filled with vibrant images of the world’s most interesting places."

"Explore the islands of the Pacific, twinkling lights of Paris, beauty of the Taj Mahal and the majesty of America’s National Parks on your puzzling journey," the description continues.

Although Costco claims it’s the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world, Guinness World Records says a 65,905-square-foot jigsaw in the United Arab Emirates holds that title.

The puzzle sells for $599.99, according to Costco.