Convicted felon accused of murdering man while out on felony bonds released on 6th bond

"It's become a joke, and it’s become a public safety crisis," said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo.

24-year-old Vernon Menifee is a dangerous gang member who has allegedly killed a man and shot a woman during a home invasion.

Investigators say he committed the murder while out of jail on multiple felony bonds.

He's far from being the only one.

"These suspects just tell our cops, just laugh in their faces, I'll just be out in a couple of hours," said Acevedo. "You know what the jokes on us and ultimately the people we serve."

"It makes no sense but there's this big push to get people out of jail," said Harris County Precinct 3 Commissioner Steve Radack.

Radack and Acevedo support PR misdemeanor bonds.

But they say some Harris County Criminal Court Judges and Magistrates are releasing violent convicted felons on multiple PR or felony bonds over and over again.

Some of those defendants go on to commit new crimes while out on the bonds.

"It's outrageous and Houstonians need to speak out against this because people are getting hurt and killed as a result," the chief said.

"Things are not improving," said Radack. "They're getting worse day by day."

In less than two years, 61 people have been killed by defendants out of jail on multiple felony bonds or PR bonds.

"We've had a 29 percent increase in murders," said Acevedo. "Think about how many of those murders could have been prevented if individuals had been behind bars."

Even though the DA's office wanted Menifee to be denied bond, 209th criminal district Judge Brian Warren gave Menifee two bonds after he was charged with murder.

Magistrate Jennifer Gaut gave Menifee his most recent bonds.

"Someone step up to the plate and say Mr. Kahan, Mr. Police Chief, Mr. Commissioner this is why we think this is in the best interest of public safety," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. "But you haven't heard that, I haven't heard that, the public hasn't heard it, and we deserve answers and we're not getting them.”

In all, Menifee is out of jail on bonds totaling more than half a million dollars.

Of course, he only needs 10 percent of that to post bond, but yet court documents state he is indigent and taxpayers are footing the bill for his court appointed attorney.