Concern continues in Katy where coyotes are preying on small pets

"She was really amazing and meant a lot to me," said Mashal Kerrio.

Her name was Tressa, and Kerrio couldn't have loved her more.

"It was every night she would go outside and I thought it would not be a problem," Kerrio said.

"We let our dogs out in the front yard and we were going to follow them out and we heard this yelping," said Shawn Lindsley. "Came outside they were both gone."

Lucy got bit and ran off. Teddy wasn't as lucky.

"I ran back toward the easement behind the house and there he was with a dog over him, which turned out to be a coyote," Lindsley said. "Two more coyotes ran off the other way they had bitten him all up."

After Tressa went missing for three days, Kerrio turned to social media.

"I started hanging up signs posting on Facebook social media have you all seen her," said Kerrio.

Kerrio soon learned Tressa was found last fall in the backyard of a home in Silver Ranch.

"There was no body, found just her face, no ears," Kerrio said.

Like Teddy, Tressa was mauled to death by coyotes.

"I don't think it would have been a person, since I don't think anybody here in Katy would do that," Kerrio said.

Brian Armentrout started rolling video on his camera after hearing coyotes howling while he was in the backyard of his Cinco Ranch home.

"It was bone chilling," Armentrout said.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department confirms coyotes have been spotted in the Katy and Fulshear areas.

Deputies point out that coyotes are native wildlife that live among us and warn residents to keep an eye on their small dogs and cats.