Community members continue sharing their disdain for TEA takeover of Houston ISD

Community members continued to make their voices be heard at the third of four scheduled meetings with the Texas Education Agency.

BACKGROUND: Houston ISD TEA takeover: Board of managers to govern Texas' largest district

Two previous meetings were held last week when the meetings turned very quickly from TEA officials talking to community members hijacking the meeting. 

During Wednesday night's meeting, which was held at Delmar Stadium, those in attendance were allowed to speak with a microphone, instead of a bullhorn or using note cards, as in previous meetings. 

Numerous questions were brought before TEA Deputy Commissioner Alejandro Delgado with the main one being, "Where's Mike Morath? Where's your boss at?"

At a previous meeting, community members demanded either TEA Commissioner Mike Morath or Texas Governor Greg Abbott show up to the final meetings. 

The crowd pushed Delgado to provide a response other than "He couldn't be here tonight." However, that's the only response they got. 

Wednesday's meeting actually ran about 15-20 minutes longer than the one-hour exact meetings that were held previously. 

You can watch the full Wednesday night meeting below.