Community attends vigil at Channelview High School

Students, faculty, and Channelview residents gathered Tuesday night to hold a prayer vigil for the students injured in the bus crash.

"They were still in shock," said Reverend Christopher Shackleford. That's how he described the students who made the trip to Florida but were not on the bus that crashed.

At least two sets of parents had children on both buses.

"Very difficult on the parents. Even the parents who did not have a child on that bus are thinking 'it could have been my child,'" Shackleford said.

This former student has friends that were injured in the crash.

"The majority of them were okay. I have a friend she had a broken collarbone and another friend had a broken arm," said Nico Lasizaquirrd.

There's a lot of concern for band director Aaron Allison.

"I was told he's in critical condition. I was told he had a punctured lung," said Lasizaquirrd.
The driver of the bus 65-year-old Harry Caligone was killed in the crash.

"It's not real to me, it's like a dream," said Caligone's wife Alisa Louis.